Adagio to Europe

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Pianist interpreters, this concerns you. . .

The European Institute “Image of Europe” is organizing an international competition to select the solo pianist who will be invited to perform with orchestra on 9 May 2020 at a prestigious venue in Brussels, Capital of the European Union, as part of the “European Unity Day” gala concert commemorating the 70th anniversary of Robert Schuman’s Call.

The work programmed for this occasion: ”ADAGIO TO EUROPE”, for piano and symphony orchestra.

Registration to this Contest is free of charge.

How to Apply (steps of the competition) :

  1. Your application must be sent by e-mail and with reading confirmation at
    Registration deadline: 10 December, 2019
    Please provide: surname, name, date of birth, nationality, postal address, a recent photo, telephone, e-mail address; as well as any information likely to be of interest to the organizer of the Competition.
  1. After confirmation of your registration by the organizer, two short musical scores for solo piano will be designated to you. You will obtain it at your own expense. This score is part of the catalogue of an international editor.
  1. You will then be asked to record yourself performing this score in a private video to be uploaded on Youtube (or any other similar platform). The private address (url and/or code) will be communicated to the organizer of the contest, IEI-EUROPA (located in Brussels), by e-mail:

    Deadline for sending your video is 10 February, 2020. No exception will be made.

  1. On 17 February, 2020, an International Jury will review all the submitted videos, and select the competition’s 6 finalists. All the candidates will be informed of the choice made by the Jury. The 6 selected candidates will simultaneously receive the complete score of the “Adagio to Europe” for piano and orchestra.
  1. In early April 2020, at a date yet to be determined, the 6 shortlisted candidates will be invited to perform the complete version of the work with orchestra in Brussels, before the Competition Jury.
  1. The Winner of this competition will become the solo pianist of the “Adagio to Europe” scheduled for 9 May 2020 in Brussels on the occasion of the “European Unity Day” gala concert commemorating the 70th anniversary of Robert Schuman’s Call.  The « Winner » will also receive a prize of exceptional value.

The concert will be recorded live on television, and a CD will also be pressed. All Candidates, and the contest Winner, assign the broadcasting and reproduction rights of their performances to the organizer, IEI-EUROPA.

This contest is owned and coordinated by the European Institute “Image of Europe” The European Institute may take all necessary steps to ensure a smooth functioning of the contest.